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Description: Getting arrested is never a fun event. There are fines to be paid, court dates to be kept and possible time behind bars. It's never something a reasonable person wants to go through on their own. Family and friends wait outside, and they can offer little more than moral support. You too can feel impotent. Someone is telling you where to go, what time to wake up and what time to eat. Recreation, if you're lucky, happens one-time a week. Jail house visits, often held on opposing sides of plexiglass and contact visits frequently aren't allowed. Snacks, if you can get them, usually come from stale vending machines and have been sitting around in a warehouse for weeks before you can purchase them.Trying to fight charges and staying out of this grim environment is a goal. But it's a goal you can't achieve on your own. You need some help. Nicholas Wooldridge has years of experience helping people like yourself. Mr. Wooldridge understands that sometimes good people make bad choices. He also knows the growing militaristic attitude of American law enforcement and the often over enthusiastic individuals who wear the badge and shield. Mr. Wooldridge has worked with clients across all classes and strata. From international cyber crooks to street-corner hustlers, Mr. Wooldridge has been there to provide the best defense possible and make sure the outcome is as reasonably favorable as it can be. Persons who were looking at years behind bars are sentenced to just a few months. Individuals looking at probation saw their charges dropped. Mr. Wooldridge has helped both groups and every level in between. He can help you as well.
Why should a prospective client use your law firm?: Mr. Wooldridge: • Is a graduate of Boyd School of Law — with Honors • Was mentored by Lawrence Wishart • Has established, and demonstrated, skill in global circles and cases • Served as co-counsel for Azamat Tazhayakov, linked to the Boston Marathon bombings
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Experience: Mr. Wooldridge has consistently confirmed his exemplary qualifications, trial results and leadership within his practice areas which include: • Sex Crimes • Drug Crimes • Violent Crimes • Federal Charges • Felony Charges, and • White Collar Crime Continuously rated as Nevada's premier criminal defense attorney, Mr. Wooldridge is most content with taking any type of case.
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