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Description: The Kristy Law Firm is based in Los Angeles, CA and is currently serving all of Los Angeles County. Our attorneys are some of the best in their field, and we have helped hundreds of people collect settlements against their insurance companies. We can assist you with cases ranging in severity from breach of contract to extreme insurance bad faith, involving extensive punitive damages.
Why should a prospective client use your law firm?: We have helped our clients collect millions of dollars in settlements for their cases involving bad faith insurance
Free Consultation Offered?: Yes
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Experience: The Kristy Law firm has handled over 100 cases involving insurance litigation in the past 8 years. We have successfully represented our clients against many corporate giants, such as Farmers Insurance and Liberty Mutual.
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Specialties: Insurance bad faith, extreme insurance bad faith, breach of contract
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Los Angeles insurance bad faith attorney
We help our clients located throughout Los Angeles fight against insurance companies to receive the benefits outlined to them. Whether your insurer refused to pay your claim, was untimely with their payments or partially witheld payment, we can help or there is no cost to you.
Bad faith insurance lawyer in Los Angeles
If you believe that you may have a case and you wish to file an insurance bad faith claim in Los Angeles visit our site to learn more. If you become our client we guarantee that we'll find you a settlement, or you owe no payment. We have helped over 100 people win their claim against their insurance provider.
Disability Insurance Bad Faith
When someone files a disability claim, they are depending on their insurance company to help them compensate for their loss of ability to make money and pay their bills. Often times, however, insurance companies deny claims in bad faith.
Broker Agent Negligence in Los Angeles
As an insurance bad faith attorney, I have seen first hand when agents and brokers do not act in the best interests of their policy holders.
Health Insurance Bad Faith Information
Based in Los Angeles, I represent people who have not been treated fairly by their health insurance company. If your insurer is acting in bad faith, you need an attorney to help you deal with them.
Life Insurance Bad Faith Help
The world of life insurance contains many different clauses and contractual elements. If an insurance company acts in bad faith in handling the policy of a loved one, call the Kristy Law Firm
Homeowners Insurance Bad Faith Practices
At The Kristy Law Firm, our attorneys have handled cases of homeowner's insurance bad faith in Los Angeles since 2003. We know how insurance companies will try to handle claims and are well equipped to fight for policy holders.
Contact Us
Call or email us if you feel that your insurance company has acted in bad faith on a claim. We will fight for you.
Attorney James Kristy
Meet James Kristy, an advocate who fights for justice for consumers.

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